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    Norma (she/hers)

    Networking – wow!

    This has been a concept that I’ve struggled with my entire life. I am by nature an introvert although colleagues have a difficult time accepting this truth because my work requires me to speak to crowds, present at Board of Supervisor meetings, lead conversations with Police Chiefs, and conduct outreach at the grassroots level. I thrive in small group environments and 1:1s. Large gatherings = anxiety, stress, and exhaustion.

    As I read through the articles, I realized it is information I have heard and read before. I will have to say that the Introvert’s Survival Guide & the “How Leaders Create & Use Networks” has given me a new sense of opportunity to turn around my despise for “its doable.” Breaking down the Practice by the types of networks was an a-ha moment for – it took this huge daunting word and broke it down into 3 digestible & doable pieces. I also like the idea of giving myself having a game plan when attending networking events helps relieve some anxiety from being able to leave early to set a goal for the number of contacts to be made.

    Lastly, the informational interview sheet is very helpful because it gives concrete steps on how to set yourself up for the next big move while reducing any anxiety that comes from job interviews and making a good impression in an hour interview.

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