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    Networking feels like an ominous thing that everyone talks about but never truly explains what it is or how to do it.

    I have constantly been told that networking is an essential aspect of my professional career that I should start developing immediately. However it has been something I struggled with in terms of understanding how to begin the process of growing my network. Prior to the readings, I thought Linkedin was pretty much the only tool that needed to be utilized in order to begin networking. After the readings I realized that I may be undervaluing the need to establish real in person connections with people. Hence I really liked the first reading that emphasized the importance of f combining “old” networking practices with contemporary approaches. The strategy that most stood out to me was the one that encouraged getting involved in a group that has similar passions and ideals as myself. This makes the most sense to me and seems the most feasible. Moving forward I hope to do some research to get involved in more organizations and groups that align with my own goals. I think this would be the best opportunity for myself to get in touch with people who are working in the field that I hope to pursue or to interact with people that are making a difference in a way I may have not considered before.

    Ultimately my biggest takeaway understanding the importance of networking in any field. As I said, I have heard of networking before but it always seemed more abstract. After the readings I feel as though I have a stronger understanding of how to properly network and expand my outreach in the most effective way. It is something I hope I can put into practice starting now.

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