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Andrew Garcia

I found the readings to be both interesting and inspiring. More so, I found it inspiring to read some of your responses and the connections you made to the reading. I found it very awesome and I feel honored to be in the same cohort as you all. To second what Rebecca said, I also acknowledge just how terrible the capitalist system is in our society. In theory, there are definitely aspects in which this system seems beneficial. However, in practice, we often see how this system is designed to maintain the status quo.

These readings did really help me gather some information that I feel will be useful for me post-JPN. These readings also furthered the discussion of defunding the police, and I liked how it brought to light the other efforts that the #DefundPolice movement is doing, such as their work in jails and prisons. I truly gained a lot of information from these readings, and I am thankful for the experience.