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As someone who has not done much networking, this session’s informational packet was quite useful. I found myself gravitating toward the article, “Mastering the Three Dreaded Networking Moments” because the article opened up by reassuring readers that when it comes to networking events, everyone is in the same boat. In this day and age, I often find myself second-guessing myself in situations such as networking because I automatically assume everyone knows what they came there for and knows how to get. However, this session’s reading material has shown me that even though networking is paving the way in this day and age, there is still a lot of underlying dynamics occurring simultaneously. My biggest “aha” moment definitely had to be while reading “How to Build Your Network” and understanding how individuals become more well-rounded by networking on not only a professional development level but, also on a personal one. By creating these connections via networking, one is simply not gaining a new contact but rather skills and ideas that contact brings with them; every interaction moving forward allows you to grow on a professional and personal level.