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Reentry Overview memo from Open Philanthropy:

Reentry is extremely important for those that are coming home. It helps build a strong foundation and support that someone might not have otherwise. Women are commonly the support base for a lot of the men coming home. This allows them to have a better success rate at getting back on their feet. What I always see missing from these discussions is the support for women. There are few organizations that specifically focus on women solely. They don’t get the support as their male counterparts. Often times they go without visits or even just a little money on their accounts for basic needs because they have children and those children are being taken care of by family members who are already strapped for cash. I definitely think there should be a reentry program focused on the needs of moms so they can reconnect with kids in a healthy and loving environment free of trauma.

Criminal Justice Reform Strategy:

This was good reading. Although there were many things that I could identify with things that really made me think were the budgets that exist for the local and state agencies. It’s hard to swallow seeing the city and counties wanting to build new police stations and sheriff’s stations when we are already over policed. More of this money really needs to be in the community for the people and not to be used against the people. If we truly want change to happen in the communities and for people to change their ways, then they need to dish out some money for folks to have access to making a better way.