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The Art of Legislative Lawyering
Some of my key takeaways from this text included learning more about the Art of Legislative Lawyering, the Six Circles Theory of Advocacy, and the integral role of strategists in advocacy. I have always heard things about strategists but never understood the full depth of their efforts in executing advocacy efforts and coordinating teams of lobbyists, legislative lawyers, policy researchers, outreach strategists, and communications directions.

Criminal Justice Reform Strategy
This article exposed me to a variety of organizations which exist in efforts to reduce mass incarceration and towards policy reform. Many of these entities are based on state, multi-state, or national levels and advocate for individuals from different populations such as formerly incarcerated, survivors of crime violence, faith-based organizations, etc.

Reentry Overview Memo from Open Philanthropy
This memo was helpful in identifying some organizations that support reentry and provide services for those formerly incarcerated.