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I’m Kenny Ng (pronounced like “-ing” / he/him) and am an educator and writer with a focus in arts education as pathways for equity and restorative justice for students of color in institutionalized classrooms. I moved out of full-time nonprofit roles for years last fall and am an education consultant now. I work with Ava DuVernay’s org ARRAY building out the education initiative, ARRAY 101. I review grants and grant funding for school districts to implement arts education strategies and programming through the LA Dept of Arts and Culture. I am a writer and strategist for a creative marketing agency with a focus in social justice called Swell Creative.

I’m most interested in using this opportunity to grow my understanding of the criminal punishment system that everything else sits on, specifically through a lens of the school-to-prison pipeline and in developing a more informed framework for policy + practice of transformative justice to take back into my education work.

Random fact: My great-grandmother was Peruvian.