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Mass Incarceration
This article displayed such a depth of understanding to the systems and how our communities of color have fallen short within the justice system. To be honest, this whole article created “wow” moments for me, but one that stuck out was the 1,000 Native american youth in the psychiatric evaluation. With our Native healing methods come to mind and how our youth are not given their ancestral birthright of connecting. I have so many questions that follow these kids and why this is not being talked about within our Indigenous healing circles that work with restorative justice.

Hope is a discipline: Mariame Kaba
She speaks with an understanding that truly represents all communities of color and the impact our voices can have. With everything happening within our nation right now and the truth she expressed regarding George Floyd, spoke the words right out of my heart.

How to give an elevator pitch
These points work well for every aspect of your life that you will need to present yourself, I had many meetings today and really tried to keep these points in mind.