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    Post-Session Assignment: Please share your elevator pitch using The Four-Step Elevator Pitch as discussed in today’s session.

    Norma (she/hers)

    Hi, my name is Norma Lopez. It’s a pleasure to meet you.

    I’m the Executive Director for the Human Relations Commission. I support local groups in developing programs promoting positive intergroup relations focused on combating hate.

    I am very interested in the intersection of racism and hate. I know your organization is doing extensive research on this topic – I would love to keep in touch to learn more about you and your research.


    Hi, my name is Bianca Torres Murray. It’s very nice to meet you.

    I’m a student at the University of California, Berkeley, intending on majoring in Ethnic Studies and minoring in Public Policy.

    I’m very interested in how race impacts policy, specifically in the criminal justice system. The research your organization is doing regarding this area makes me excited. I’d love the opportunity to research with your organization this summer.

    Would it be ok for us to call sometime next week to discuss this further? Thank you!


    Hi. It’s so great to meet you. My name is Rebecca Dobkin. I’m a private investigator, specializing in criminal defense and civil rights work. I’m truly inspired by the work that your organization does and would love the opportunity to utilize my expertise to help make a real, tangible difference. Could we set up a call sometime in the next week or two to discuss any ways I might be able to help support your mission?


    Hi, my name is Aleena Contreras. I am the training coordinator in the Youth and Racial Justice department at Father and Families of San Joaquin. I facilitate trainings on evidence based restorative and transformative justice models as well as culturally rooted healing practices that better serve system impacted youth.

    I am very interested in dismantling the school to prison pipeline and creating safer, more conducive learning environments for underserved and minority youth.

    I would love to discuss further, can we schedule a call for sometime next week?

    Andrew Garcia

    Hello, my name is Andrew Garcia. I am a research coordinator for the Gang Reduction and Youth Development program. I observe trainings, as well as gather data via surveys and interviews, to see how trauma-informed care is being used by caseworkers for themselves and their clients.

    I am very interested in juvenile justice, mental health awareness, addressing racial and economic inequality, and using trauma informed care to create safer and healthier communities

    I know your organization is big on serving the community. Do you mind if we exchanged contact information? I would love to setup a call for next week to see how I could possibly contribute to your organization. Thank you!


    Hi, My name is Evan Nicole Powell. It is a pleasure to meet you. I am a CSEC Case Manager for the Children’s Law Center. I currently assist attorneys in stabilizing young women who are, or are at risk for human trafficking. I also assist in closing out their delinquency cases for further stabilization.

    I am very interested in reforming the juvenile system, and the services that are offered to better serve black and brown youth.

    I believe that I could be a great asset to your organization’s mission, and would love to discuss in further detail. Can we schedule a meeting or call for next week? Thank you!


    Hi! My name is Michaela Tyus and I use she/her pronouns. It is a pleasure to meet you! I am a youth organizer for Congregations Organized for Prophetic Engagement and currently I engage with and support Black youth through activist workshops, political education classes, and leadership development.

    I am very interested in mass incarceration and the school to prison pipeline, and the interconnections and effects of law enforcement and the most marginalized communities.

    I believe my experience and beliefs align with your organizations’ mission and I know I would be a great asset. Can we share contact information and possibly set up a call to discuss further? Thank you for your time!


    Hello! My name is Marina Trejo, it is a pleasure meeting you. I am currently a Peer Ambassador for the Student Health and Wellness Center on the California State University, Fresno campus where I develop as well as implement activities and podcasts on a variety of mental health topics.

    I am very interested in promoting protective factors throughout the children education system in addition to expanding the amount of free basic need services amongst the community including mental health care and promoting economic opportunities.

    I believe my passions and experiences align with your organization’s mission and I would love to reach out for future opportunities. Can we possibly schedule a call in the near future? Thank you again!


    Hello, my name is Angela Parks and it’s great to meet you. I am currently a full time student and I volunteer with a few different organizations that are helping to make lasting changes to prison abolition. I am also in three different training cohorts at the moment. All of which have something different to offer and bring to the table.

    My interest in social justice are simple….close the prison’s! Another area that I am passionate about is that of extreme sentencing. Sending people away for decades at a time will never be conducive to a productive and racially equal society. It’s the exact opposite.

    Working with an organization like this will help to not only balance the scales of equality but will also bring light to all of the inequities that people of color face and how we can bring lasting change. I would love to meet with you to discuss this further.


    Good evening, my name is Melvin. It’s a pleasure to meet you.

    I’m a student at California State University, San Marcos currently studying Sociology with research interests in mass incarceration, police oppression, crimmigration, and public policy. I volunteer for local non-profit organizations, aiding and advocating for the local asylum/refugee community in Sacramento. In addition, I’m involved with other community based organizations and their work for advocating for police accountability and reform.

    I’m passionate about public policy and advocacy because of its impact on creating a more equitable community. Given the prominence of your organization in the field of mass incarceration and police oppression, I would love to connect further with you and discuss any potential or future opportunities and projects. Would you be open to exchanging contact information? Thank you


    Hello, my name is Ana Ramirez-Zarate, I am a policy analyst at Resilience Orange County, a youth-centered organization. Over the past three years, I have worked in the immigrant rights movement addressing the crimmigration system through outreach and education, policy advocacy, and case support.

    I am passionate about community organizing and pushing back against the systems of incarceration that disproportionately impact Black and Brown communities. I would love to connect with you to share more about my work and how I have been able to work with immigrant families to create a revolutionary movement in Orange County.


    Hello, I’m Kenny Ng, I’m an educator and writer working in Los Angeles County as an advocate for arts education through the lens of equity in public schools. I create arts integration curriculum, build capacity for teachers to integrate the arts in their classrooms through strategic skills training, and oversee programs, staff, and community partnerships to create and execute programs that innovate the ways we can leverage the arts to approach equity in LA public schools.

    I’m looking to build on my policy experience and knowledge of the legislative framework that all advocacy work sits within, and the bigger picture outside of just education policy especially for young people of color and Black and Brown youth in the LA public school system.

    I am always looking for new ideas and ways to work in coalition with others to do better work to create collective change in the futures for youth in this city and beyond.

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    Hello, My name is Cualnezca Tonantzin Miranda, I’m an Indigenous woman from the Yoeme, Blackfoot and Otomi Tribal Nations. I currently hold the title of Associate Director for the Native American Resource Center at American River College, where I focus on student programming and recently completed our Native student district-wide research project that explored the disproportionate impact on Native Students. And created the framework for the Tribal Relations Department and Tribal Sovereignty presidency committee.

    I’m interested in restorative justice practices through an Indigenous healing lens, dismantling the school to prison pipeline, missing and murdered Indigenous women and voter suppression.

    The need for like-minded people to collectively build a foundation that will assist all BIPOC is extremely important. I’m devoted to this work and hope we can work together soon, so our next seven generations can be liberated and never have to repeat these traumatic cycles.

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