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Reentry Overview

The topic of Re entry is one of my favorites. Because while release is important, stabilization is even more. Often times when men and women are released the pressures of not being detained are too much to handle. With parole/probation fees, difficulty finding employment due to curfews etc. most men and women will return to institutions within months of their release. I think my key take away from this article is that their are so many different areas of reform that need to take place. That includes within stabilizing individuals upon their release.

Criminal Justice Reform Strategy

I enjoyed this reading. Specifically when the author questioned if the system was actually putting firm efforts to do what their saying. Such as rape kits not being tested, certain crimes not being reported etc.

I never thought about the idea of holding prosecutors accountable as well. How prosecutors are strict on some crimes and not the others. It shows that little discrepancies can have major consequences.

The Art of Legislative Lawyering

Everyone plays a role. Whether that is as a lobbyist, policy researcher, advocate etc collaboratively each person can make effective change. Although I love advocating, I never thought to attend lobby events because I did not feel they were super effective. I felt that advocating on more of a micro scale saw more change than in front of the big crowds. But this article made me realize that both roles are just as important. Someone as to lobby on a macro scale to push the things that affect the micro.