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“Mass Incarceration: The Whole Pie 2020”
My last two semesters at USC have consisted of only social justice classes, so the topic of mass incarceration is not something that is new to me, as I have done extensive research. Even with all the research I have done, it does not make reading the statistics easier. Overall, the most striking thing is seeing how the less fortunate are taken advantage of because they can not obtain good counsel or post bond. Another sentence that stuck out to me was, “at least 1 in 4 people who go to jail will be arrested again within the same year — often those dealing with poverty, mental illness, and substance use disorders, whose problems only worsen with incarceration”. We have seen that prisons have traumatized more than it has rehabilitated people.

“How To Give an Elevator Pitch (With Examples)”
This was a very helpful article, as it helps you understand productive ways to market yourself. Networking is the key to getting into so many doors, and first impressions are everything. I have been working on my LinkedIn profile, so I will be sure to implement a lot of what was mentioned here.