Session #4: Social & Political Power in Criminal Justice Reform


Course Description

This course is designed for fellows to understand key strategies and concepts to dismantle the prison industrial complex through budget advocacy and abolition. The fundamental concepts in the readings outline the key players in dismantling a system that oppresses the majority and the most effective way to hold police and those with political power accountable. The course materials demonstrate how building power through leadership in vulnerable communities will positively impact BIPOC communities.

Reading Materials

The Demand Is Still #DefundThePolice (Pg 16-40)

Criminal Justice Reform Built Power At The Ballot

Guest Speaker

Sheena Meade Managing Director, The Clean Slate Initiative 

Sheena is the first Managing Director of the Clean Slate Initiative, a national bipartisan coalition advancing policies to automatically clear all eligible criminal records across the United States.





5:30pm – 5:35pm

5 minutes

Welcome + General Updates

5:35pm – 5:45pm

10 minutes


5:45pm – 5:55pm

5 min

Session 4 Overview

5:55pm – 6:10pm

30 minutes

Guest Speaker: Sheena Meade

6:10pm – 6:20pm

20 minutes

Q&A with Sheena Meade

6:20pm – 6:25pm

5 minutes

Final reflections 

6:25pm – 6:35pm

15 minutes

Breakout Groups

    6:35pm – 6:50pm

    10 minutes

    Breakout groups return to Main Room for share outs

    6:50pm -7:00pm 

    15 minutes


    7:00pm – 7:05pm

    5 minutes

    Closing activity Final Reflections + Acknowledgments & Appreciations