Session #2: The Criminal Justice Landscape

Course Description

Creating the Context for Success is the theme of Session 2, and we will be focusing on understanding where you fit within the overall landscape of criminal justice work. Our experience has been that people are dissatisfied with their careers because they are doing activities that don’t bring them joy or the organization they are working for isn’t the best cultural fit. However, people can’t always identify why they aren’t happy because they don’t always possess a clear understanding of the different roles being played at a given time. Therefore, the readings we have assigned aim to clearly understand the different types of roles people play within campaign efforts and a big-picture view of what is happening in the criminal justice field.


1. Welcome & Check-in
2. Review of Campaign Roles and Functions
3. “The Art of Legislative Lawyering” Summary and Breakout Groups
4. “Criminal Justice Organizational Landscape” Summary and Breakout Groups
5. Final Reflections
6. Closing